Are your insecurities winning?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

It's been forever + 3 days since I have blogged!  So much has happened in my little family.

June 17th our Son graduated for Power School in the US Navy.  

June 18th our Daughter gave birth to Baby Madison

June 19th our Son got married to the girl next door.

{{So when I say life happened...It really did!}}

And I took time off to bask in those mommy moments.  Now it's back to work!

While I was away I was a watcher/spectator online.
I've seen so many people fall off the designing cliff and totally drop out of sight.

Why??? I've reached out to some and I hear the same words over and over..

I can't compete with xyz!!

{{{ NO }} this is not a competition with others! It's a competition with your yesterday.

HuH?  Yes, you are your competition...your insecurities needs to be defeated.

Whether you are a stationery designer, wedding planner, photographer or a mom; your lack of self esteem will keep you thinking that you are not enough.

You are enough! You are great! You are called for the season that you are in!

Stop looking around to see what you visualize success looks.  Thinking what they are doing is successful. What is the real meaning of success?

Invest in your insecurities.  Build up your weak spots. Take the time to pour into those areas that you find to be weak.

As a coach I empower my students by finding out the spot that makes them scared.  I teach from an area where we dive into the area of the unknowing, the dark places that keep them hiding.  You leave me confident to do business on your terms. Not looking at others to spy but to admire their craft as supported successful business women.

Are you ready to be coached?  Are you willing to invest your time, finances and mindset?  Mindset?

Yes, Coaching will change your way of thinking.

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