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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Just in time for the holidays. This is one craft that the entire family will enjoy!! I spend hours over the past few weeks relaxing while making these.  With the hustle and bustle of life sometimes just playing with glitter and paint is just what you need.  And no!!! I did not sit there and watch the paint dry {UMMM NO!}}

I have created a video to show how I make glitter and painted ornaments. Please check it out. I also have other videos that you may enjoy.

----------> <------------

I posted because someone is also asking and there are no videos with the steps that I share in 1 video.

Steps that I shareGlitter techinquePainting techniqueRemoving and inserting hanging clip2 bow tying technique

supplies needed:

Polycrylic ------->

bonus...the cans that the ornaments are sitting on are tomato sauce/paste cans that I removed the lid using my pampered chef can opener. I painted and added wash tape.

{see the previous post for details and subscribe to my youtube channel for video}

The fonts I used are: {I paid for both of my fonts}

{free?} Magnolia Sky -------->

{paid!} Impact ---------->


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