Motivation Monday ~ Stay Focused!

Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Monday, the first day of February,  I have a lot to do and as usual no time to do it all!  But today I'm going to try my BEST to stay {{ FOCUSED }}

I have shiny object syndrome.  I'm easily distracted by pretty things, phone notifications and ratchet TV { #dontjudgeme; just pray my strength lol}.  I struggle with staying on task and I thought I was an excellent Multi-tasker.

I'm going to intentionally { Stay Focused }  By not allowing life, noise or curiosity to deter me from my mission of staying focus.  Here's a tool that I use to keep me on task and focused.

I start the day by writing my daily goals, to do list and anything that I need to remember.

As a bonus for reading this blog, I have a gift for you.  Yes, I'm giving you full access to my planner pages for {FREE}

These are undated blank pages that you can print at home on your printer.

Simply click on the pic, follow the steps and you will receive access to the link. 

        Talk to you soon! 

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