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Saturday, January 30, 2016

For years I worked in my little home-based boutique in Ellenwood, Georgia and I struggled with organization, cleanliness and designing a beautiful space to work + meet my clients.

Since I've moved into my little boutique in the Edgewood community 

I'm free from having to constantly keep a CLEAN showroom + workspace.  

 It was a struggle for me to daily clean up from assembling hundreds of invitations and other paper goods.  {Scrap paper, glue tape backing and designing elements makes a lot of mess and keeping up was a lot of work.}  Thank God I had inspiration from other people to motivate me to clean up.

My love and fascination for other beautiful + efficient creative spaces is almost addictive.  I love looking a craft rooms, beautiful offices and {{{WHITE DESKS}}}. It's something about looking a pic featuring a white desk .  It's almost like a calming agent.

Today, I decided to share my secret obsession with you! I won't promise, but I'll try to,  share spaces that are not only eye appealing but functional and hopefully they will inspire you create a space that you love and will use.

Here's a few pics of my old {at home ~ in my basement} Boutique.
It has changed ALOT since these pics. 

My room has been updated since this video. I'll do an {newer} update tour one day lol!

See you soon!

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