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Sunday, August 21, 2016

My husband and I often dress alike especially when going to church.  
He has an AMAZING fashion sense and we compliment each others style perfectly.  
We actually get a kick out dressing alike.

Today we are in shades of brown. 

{{ His look }}
My husband accented his 4-button suit by pairing it with a beige herringbone shirt 
w/gold and black cuff-links.  His shoes were two brown and beige 
 and his socks {not shown} were Argyle.  When he sat down and his pant leg teased the eyes with the perfect hidden surprise and completed his look.

{{ My look }}
I was very comfortable in an A-line dress that was Taupe with a stretchy belt. I coordinated my look with gold Tory Burch accessories {ear rings, bangles and necklace}  My brown peep toe shoes are too cute and VERY painful on the feet.  My itty bitty purse added the finishing touch.

Whatcha think?  Let me know how you coordinate with your spouse.

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