Lunch 'n Learn Couponing 101

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Here's my disclaimer...I love to shop! Enough said!!!

So when I was introduced to couponing it was love at first sight.  You mean I can shop and they pay me?!?!  Sign me up!  Well, that was in 2013 when couponing was BIG business.  I used to walk out of walmart with real $$ in my hand not in my cart and it was LEGAL!

I was a professional couponer. I stockpiled my house for the use of my family and selected friends.

In the coming weeks, I willl be sharing my love for shopping via couponing.  Do you understand/know the art to couponing?

{{{ NO }}} Well, here's a link to watch my periscope on couponing.


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